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 By: -Kajol Kamat 2nd Year BLS LLB Adv. Balasaheb Apte College of Law , Mumbai, Maharashtra

Received: March 9, 2021; Accepted: 2nd April, 2021; Double Peer Reviewed: May 2021.


Intellectual Property Right (IPR) is a criminal proper that protects the creation of a person or organization evolved by the mind or thoughts. Globalization and open marketplace policies have helped IPR to grow and affect the monetary activities in remaining three decades. The present paper essential draws a nexus between IPR and Media Law, where, Copyright is one of the vital rights and protects the rights of creators of creative works, literary works, sound, movies, and related creations. Copyright Law is an advanced domain that includes improvements, inventive creations and intellectual productions in print, audio-visual, sign & symbols or within the virtual forms. Moreover, media platforms along with social media use photos, sounds, scripts, and lots of techniques of communication, other business and personal functions.
The paper aims to highlight the basics of IPR and how it safeguards the interests of the IP holders. Further, it sheds light upon the nexus and role of IPR in the Indian Media Industry. Lastly, the paper will provide a fair and constructive analysis by means of discussing various branches of IP, the related legal provisions and various judicial pronouncements by the Supreme Court and the High Courts of India.

Recommended Citation:

Kajol Kamat, "BASICS OF IP AND MEDIA LAW", JULS Vol. 1(II), pp. 30-44 (2021), https://www.uniquelaw.in/basics-of-ip-and-media-law


Publication Month and Year: May, 2021