Online Course Title: Certificate course on Environment Law

Learning Objectives for Environmental Law

  1. Basic understanding of environmental law.

  2. Acquaintance of environmental issues, pollution and control and the measures taken for its protection along with the norms prevailing at international and national level

  3. Knowledge about Constitutional provisions for the protection of environment

  4. Case studies would equip them with basic knowledge and skills to understand environmental law issues.

Learning outcome of this course:

In this course students will examine and develop an understanding of:

  1. Basic knowledge of environment, pollution and basic principles underlying international environmental law

  2. Significance of developments in international and national environmental

  3. Statutory and regulatory mechanism pertaining to environment in India

  4. Judicial response to environmental issues

  5. Laws protecting the environment in India

Tutorials: self-learning including projects, weekly assessments, simulation, exercises, experiential learning.

Course Outline

Module 1:

Indian Approaches regarding Environment                                   

  • Concept of Environment Protection in Ancient India

  • Historical Prudence: Kautilya's Rules; Practices of Bishnoi Community, Medieval Era, Gandhian Philosophy, etc. and their Relevance Today

  • Need for Environmental Law  

Module 3:

Principles of Environmental Law         

  • Concept of Sustainable Development

  • Precautionary Principle

  • Polluter Pays Principle

  • Public Trust Doctrine

  • Environmental Impact Assessment

Module 5:

Environment protection under the general laws                                        

  • Provisions under the Indian Penal Code

  • Provisions under Cr.P.C.                       

  • Remedies under the Law of Torts

  • Class Action Suits

  • Provisions under the Constitution of India  

Module 2:

Environmental Policy in India              

  • Pre- Independence Period

  • Post- Independence Period

  • The Present Day Status

  • Govt. Policy towards Environment Issues

Module 4:

International developments and their impact on Indian Environmental

  • Stockholm Conference

  • Bruntland Commission Report

  • Rio Declaration (Agenda 21, Convention on Climate Change and Convention on Bio-diversity)  

  • Earth Summit plus Five

  • International Environmental Law and Global Issues

  • Copenhagen Conference

  • Further Developments relating to Climate Change

Module 6:

Case Laws

  • Landmark Judgements


Duration of Course: 1 month

Course Fee: 1000/- [50% DISCOUNT UPTO 20TH September]

Mode of Learning:

  • E-Learning

  • Text-based modules, power point presentation and reference materials

  • Whatsapp assistance

  • Weekly assessments


Perks after successful completion of Course:

  • Get a certificate issued by Ansh LexPraxis Legal Education LLP after the successful completion of the course.

  • CV building.

  • Internship opportunities.

  • A chance to get your research paper published in a law journal.


Q) How many hours you need to devote for course completion?

A) Approximately three hours per week would make your concept of environmental law crystal clear


Q) Why should you take this course?

A) Environmental issues are the need of the hour. The basic objective of this course is to familiarize the student with the concept and scope of environmental law, as well as the general laws protecting the environment in India.


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