Online Course Title: Certificate course on Intellectual Property Rights and Management

Why opt for this course?

The onset of Covid 19 and the lockdown that ensued has taught us to grow, adapt and learn. The process of this learning helped us unbox our innovative minds and explore the dynamics of human creation.

But, have you protected your creativity?  Confused?

Well, this is where intellectual property rights and management come to the rescue!  And we at Unique Law take this opportunity to invite you to be a part of our unique company certified learning via unique law's Certificate Course on IPR&M.

Learning Objectives for Intellectual Property Rights and Management

  1. Basic understanding of IPR&M

  2. To discuss the economic significance of Intellectual Property Rights and its Management

  3. To deliberate on the practical aspects of Intellectual Property Law and Management

  4. Additional guidance on the strategy and marketing rules behind capitalizing your intellectual property

Learning outcome of this course:

In this course students will examine and develop an understanding of:

  1. The student will be able to comprehend the economic significance of Intellectual Property Rights and its management.

  2. The student will be able to relate the IP Law to the practical aspects of business management.

  3. Extensive experiential learning through the approach of problem solving vivas and case study analysis 

  4. An added advantage to overall academic profile of students across any discipline!

Tutorials: Self-learning including projects, weekly assessments, simulation, exercises, experiential learning.

Course Outline

Module 1:

Introduction to Intellectual Property Management                                          

  • Meaning and scope of Intellectual Property Management

  • Economic objectives of IP Management

  • Need for commercialization of IP​​

Module 2:

Innovation, Identification & Protection of Intellectual Property                                 

  • Identification of IP

  • Research phase

  • Assessing potential of IP – IP Audit

  • Preparing for IP Protection

Module 3:

Development and implementation of IP strategy                                               

  • Establishing IP Policy

  • IP Strategy Phase

  • Disclosure of IP

  • Maintenance of IP

  • IP Management Tools

  • Brand Strategy

Module 4:

Enforcement of IP and Maintenance

  • Litigation in IP

  • Alternate Dispute Resolution in IP

  • Maintenance of IP

Module 5:                                                

Commercialization of IP    

  • Licensing

  • Spin-offs

  • Financing of IP

  • Valuation of IP

  • Royalties

Module 6:

Risk Management relating to IP  

  • Risks relating to IP

  • IP Insurance

  • Contractual Allocation of Risk


Duration of Course: 1 month

Course Fee: 1000/- [50% DISCOUNT UPTO 20TH September]

Mode of Learning:

  • E-Learning

  • Text-based modules, power point presentation and reference materials

  • Whatsapp assistance

  • Weekly assessments


Perks after successful completion of Course:

  • Get a certificate issued by Ansh LexPraxis Legal Education LLP after the successful completion of the course.

  • CV building.

  • Internship opportunities.

  • A chance to get your research paper published in a law journal.



Q) How many hours you need to devote for course completion?

A) Approximately three hours per week would make your concept of Intellectual property rights and management crystal clear.


Q) Why should you take this course?

A) In a business environment of constant change, endless disruption and enormous innovation of products, services, technologies and processes, the value of strong protection of intellectual property (IP) has boomed. It is vital to ensure IP rights are protected. In the short and long terms, IP rights can develop into their own revenue stream. They can also be sold to other players or licensed to third parties, or they can simply be utilised to set your business apart from its competitors.

If you have any questions, please leave a whatsapp text on +91-7091862058 or email at We want to clear all your doubts before you enroll and help you increase your legal acumen.