Drafting of Legal Documents

Learn to draft legal documents with us! Also get drafting samples of the following documents-

  1. Drafing of Legal Notice

  2. Petition for Divorce

  3. Suit for Recovery of Money

  4. Maintainence under Suitable Law

  5. Website Service Contract

  6. Anticiparoty Bail

  7. Regular Bail

  8. Service Contact

  9. Consumer Complaint

  10. Joint Venture Agreement

  11. Public Interest Litigation

  12. Memorandum of Appeal

  13. Special Leave Petition

  14. Public Notice

15. Power of Attorney

16. Specific Performance of Contract

17. Gift Deed

18. Criminal Complaint

19. Promissory Note

20. Affidavit

21. Application for Injunction

22. Family and Personal

23. Business Contract

24. Lease & License Agreement

25. Eviction Notice

26. Last Will and Testament

27. Living Will

28. Adoption Agreement

We provide various legal drafting samples for different spheres of laws and guide you throughout the process. Contact us for online legal drafting samples and assistance. Here, in Unique Law we believe in effecting learning, with a gradual development. We are looking forward to making your legal profession life much happier.