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Strategic Planning

Our strategy is to make law school easy and manageable for law students by providing them with guidance on their projects which helps them to structure their thought processes and verifying the topics and subtopics of assignments.

Executive Coaching

To meet the expectations of law aspirants, we have arranged our practice so as to provide teams of experts who will help you becoming an expert in completing assignments before time, guiding throughout your internship and certificate courses which will bring the best version of yourself.

Leadership Development

Skill development will lead to exposure for students from different fields. Designed to equip you with a 360-degree perspective of empowering teams and leading successfully in times of ambiguity to inspire innovation and change.



Unique Law is a premier law-related Edu-tech firm that provides assistance to Universities, Law Firms, Startups, Independent Firms, Legal Enthusiasts or Future Lawyers. Here in Unique Law, we offer Projects and Assignments, Certificate Courses offered by EDJURIS, Online/Offline Internship training, Consultation, Workshops and Publications to students related to Legal Education, Study materials for CLAT and Judicial Services, jeweled with various activities and events, i.e. monthly quizzes, webinars, and competitions, to unlock the future leader in you.

We have worked with various Universities like IIT Kanpur and Symbiosis Law School Pune, Law firms such as Ahlawat and Associates, Vidhi Associates, Maheshwari and Co., Clatpath, Legal League Consulting and helped many individual lawyers, law students from different law schools in India and abroad. Unique Law is making its mark on the legal world, as a newly established legal edu-tech firm in 2020. The firm comprises of 4 partners. 

Our team is motivated by helping and guiding law students, intellectuals, job seekers looking at the upcoming challenges in the legal industry.  We have a team of professionals and experts, best at their work, who will help you become an expert in generating the best content, completing assignments before time, writing research papers, guiding you throughout your internship, and certificate courses, which will enhance your skills and make your hectic law school life easier.

The uniqueness of our firm is that we help, guide, mentor law students from different law schools to enhance their skills by providing them value-added teaching in the form of projects and assignments and free legal education consultation services.









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