Journal of Unique Laws and Students

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Unique Laws Journal  is an open access, peer-reviewed and refereed journal dedicated to express views on topical legal issues, thereby generating a cross current of ideas on emerging matters. (Proposed ISSN - awaiting)


The Volume I - Issue I of the Journal has been launched with a notion to inculcate and promote the art of legal writing and expression of ones' own opinion. Its designed to celebrate a persons manifestation of an idea. We have published the first three issues of the journal in the span of 9 months.

FREQUENCY OF PUBLICATION : Quarterly [4 issues per year]

Publisher details: Anirvan Choudhuri

Address: A/100 Kankarbagh Housing

Colony Patna - 800020

Contact no. - +91-7019862058

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We are proud to introduce our law journal to all the proud learners. This journal strives to contribute to the community with quality scholarly papers on a vast number of legal issues and topics written by authors from various groups that have been reassessed and revised by our editorial team to reach the highest possible standard. 

“Journal Of Unique Laws and Students”(JULS) which shall provide law students, young lawyers and legal professionals to deliberate and express their critical thinking on impressionistic realms of Law. The JULS aims to provide cost free, open access deliberations among law students and young lawyers. It focuses on theme-based, double peer-reviewed volume publications which shall be selected from the call for entries for the journal.

Publish a Paper with us

We at Unique Law are a team of budding law students, who are working hard in providing young law aspirants with opportunities to enhance their writing skills under our guidance and further build up an impressive resume by getting their well-written manuscripts published on our website and social media platforms. Apart from this, we offer certified courses to augment their skills and knowledge in the legal field.


At this Juncture, with the auspicious guidance from our advisory board and our pledge to hard-work could be the significant step towards achieving our goal.