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Author: Vidhika Panjwani*


Children are the hope for the future of our nation. Individuals are responsible for making their homes and communities safe and welcoming. It has been proven with data that the rate of adolescent delinquency has increased dramatically in emerging nations such as India during the previous decade. The fundamental question that arises as a result of this is how did the concept of juvenile delinquency come about? Despite the fact that delinquency may be found in many countries, it is more prevalent in highly industrialized countries with significant urban populations. The phrase was coined in order to protect juvenile lawbreakers from the embarrassment of being labelled as criminals in court records. The primary goal of juvenile legislation is to deal with delinquents. However, since the number of crimes committed by juveniles continues to rise in the current environment, the phrase "juvenile crime" has become a source of embarrassment. Delinquents are more likely to come from households that are tense and have a lot of difficulties in their relationships. As the rate of juvenile criminality continues to rise, it is imperative that the appropriate actions be taken and that an amendment should be included into the current legislation so that it may be implemented and enforced in a rigorous manner.

Keywords: Juvenile, Delinquency, Prevention, Judicial Justice System.

Publication date and year: 15th November 2021

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Preferred Citation: Vidhika Panjwani, A STUDY ON JUVENILE DELIQUENCY, Vol. I-III, (2021).

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*2nd year BB.A LL.B Symbiosis Law School Pune, Maharashtra; Available at:

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