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What is Data Security?

Data security means the arrangement of protection laws, strategies, and methods that expect to limit interruption into one's privacy brought about by the assortment, and storage of individual information by and large alludes to the data or information which identifies with an individual who can be distinguished from that data or information whether gathered by any administration or any private association or an office.

The Personal Data Protection Bill 2019:

The Personal Data Protection Bill 2019 (“Bill”) has been introduced by Lok Sabha on December 2019.

The Bill provides and promotes ideas of assent, reason impediment, storage constraint, and information minimization. It also sets down commitments on organizations gathering individual (information trustee) information which is needed for a particular reason and with the express assent of the person. It enumerates rights to the person to obtain individual information, rectify incorrect information, delete information, update the information, port the information to different guardians, and the option to confine or forestall the exposure of individual information.