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Mr. Bhanu Pratap Singh Tyagi is based at Durg, Chhattisgarh as Additional District and Sessions Judge. He is the first-generation lawyer of his family. According to him, judgment writing is an art, the way a painter is satisfied or is happy after making a great painting the same way a judge is satisfied after writing a judgment. He loves playing sports and he has his set of rules and regulations and the decisions that he takes are based on that set of parameters, also before going to the dice he says, “let’s play!”

About Judge Tyagi and his background:

He hails from Gwalior and has completed his schooling at Scindia School, Gwalior. He graduated in Arts (B.A), Masters in M.A., Sociology, and then he did L.L.B. in the year 1997. After doing L.L.B he started his career from Gwalior (Gwalior court) itself then he shifted to Delhi. He joined as an Advocate in the Supreme Court for his internship but soon he realized that he shouldn’t have come to Supreme Court directly. Then he joined late Advocate Tandon and learned a lot there. Later on, a realization struck him when he thought, that the legal profession is not meant for him. He believed that he could do much better than what he was doing then, so he went for judgeship. He cleared the exam on the first attempt and went for the interview in Madhya Pradesh, then at 2nd time he gave mains for Uttar Pradesh and cleared that exam as well. He was first posted as Civil Judge Class-II in the year 2006. And currently, he is posted as Additional District and Sessions Judge at Durg, Chhattisgarh. He has also got an opportunity to work with the Chhattisgarh High Court in the Legal Services Committee for 3.5 years.

Judge Tyagi’s hobbies:

He has a list of hobbies. But his favorites include reading books, exercising, yoga, playing football, basketball, badminton, tennis, etc. He is an ardent devotee of sports and has played almost every game. He has also done courses for mountaineering and climbing.

Qualities or traits that a great lawyer should have according to him:

Firstly, a great lawyer should be polite. He believes the first impression is from one person’s body language and politeness. Secondly, a great lawyer should be well prepared before presenting the case, he/she should talk to the point.

Challenges that he faced after law school or life challenges that he faced:

He believes to establish oneself, one must face challenges and get out of their comfort zone to explore/experience different things.

The advice or success mantra for budding lawyers or young students by Judge Tyagi:

Constant hard work, reading a lot of books, doing quality study, keeping some books handy, and have patience is the advice and success mantra given by him.

My learnings/experience from the interview:

It was a great experience talking to Judge Tyagi. He is a very polite person and answered all my questions briefly and patiently. The things that I learned from him were, to be successful in life or profession one must be patient, being polite, and have a never-give-up attitude, individuals having immense knowledge of the respective field.

~ Soumya Tripathy

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