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Measuring the dignity of women: Rakhi as bail


It’s not a new phenomenon that the burden of assault on women is put on women who already are the victims. This has been the mental tendency of many since long and the continuous measures to change it will prove futile if the women are held accountable for it. This unending circle of learning and unlearning is quite old but what’s new is the recent condition imposed on a person who sought bail. So recently, a condition was put forth to grant bail to the accused who was charged for molesting a woman in her house. The condition was that the accused should go to the victim’s house on Raksha Bandhan in the morning with a box of sweets and get a rakhi tied on wrist. In addition to this he should give Rs. 11,000 to her as a part of ritual and seek her blessing and he in return will protect her in the future.

Issues raised