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Author: Juhi Handique*


Mob lynching has been prevalent in recent years in many parts of states throughout India where false rumors are spread using social media instigating a mob into killing or severely injuring an individual. They believe that the victim has done something wrong and anger drives them blind to think irrationally and therefore they take upon their own hands to bring justice. It is the act of targeted violence by a mob acting as vigilantes to punish an alleged accused by beating the individual fiercely to the extent of killing or inflicting serious bodily injuries. Often these attacks are against innocent people as the source is mostly based on assumptions of some rumor, misinformation, or suspicion. It is essential to bring this to the utmost attention as a guiltless person doesn’t deserve to be beaten so violently for a crime the person didn’t commit. It is indignified and injustice towards the victim. Even the presence of police cannot do anything in these types of situations against a horde of people.

The paper will solely focus on mob lynchings due to mistaken identities of claiming them as child abductors, thieves, etc taking current cases committed in India and also in the USA against black people, and a critical analysis of the provisions to hold these people responsible for committing such vigilant acts.

A mob of people excites individuals and thus they go along with the crowd into thinking that whatever they are doing is just and fair. This makes them fearless of not being caught as they believe in escaping with the help of the group because during the commission of crime it becomes difficult to catch hold of every offender by the police. The current laws lack in holding these criminals liable so amendment of present laws or new laws is required for acting as a deterrent effect.

Keywords: Mob lynching, violence, mistaken identities, vigilant, deterrence

Publication date and year: 15th November 2021

DOI Link:

Preferred Citation: Juhi Handique, MOB LYNCHING DUE TO MISTAKEN IDENTITIES, Vol. I-III, (2021).

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*4th year BA LLB (Hons.); student of KIIT School of Law, Bhubhaneshwar; Available at:

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