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Short History of Shariat Laws in India

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

Historical Background

Shariat law is the law which is governed by the Muslim personal law application act 1937 [1] many people believe that Muslim religion was originated from a country named Arabia various tribe came together and determined what should be called as law whether written or unwritten Muslim law. The roots of Muslim law can be found way back in 1206 on the Indian Penisula, the Muslim law kept on developing during the reign of the slave dynasty, Khilji dynasty, tughlaq dynasty, the Lodi dynasty and the Sur dynasty when these clans were in power they were assisted by Mufti who dealt with cases involving personal law among Muslims. During the Sher Shah regime the forces of the court were limited and Muslim law was adjusted to suit the prerequisites of the occasions. A doctrine was introduced which called as power of Ulemas which is known as the doctrine of Islamic law its power was reduced and shattered the dominance of the orthodox Sunni school. After that ruler Aurangzeb ordered the formation of proper code of law and its compilation. Many people debate that the existence of Muslim law is very unorthodox after the Muslim rule got vanished and the east India Company entered the India and the British raj introduced the Shariat act 1937.