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Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Infections are shooting up in the Indian countryside in comparison to big towns, this wave of the corona has not left any section of the society, everyone is affected everywhere by the second wave of COVID-19, but unlike the first wave of COVID-19 this time rural areas are affected the most which were left untouched in the 1st wave, due to which a mindset has been created in the mind of the rural population that it is an urban disease and it cannot reach villages and cannot affect them. The deadlier, highly infectious second wave of the Covid-19 erupted in February to inundate hospitals and medical staff and crematoriums and mortuaries, is now fast spreading to rural districts, with almost half of the new cases are coming from rural areas.

The rural areas are seeing a deluge in cases without the necessary health infrastructure, as the major problem in rural areas is that they lack medical facilities or hospitals; hardly there might be small government hospitals, which hardly would have any medical facilities, or any oxygen concentrators or enough beds for treatment. most of the medical infrastructure facilities are especially concentrated in the cities, where people of rural areas visit when there are patients who are very serious in the hope of finding treatment, but getting treatment in city hospitals is very hard as Covid cases are on a surge, and the hospitals already full were almost four patients are waiting to get a bed in any hospital.