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Internships are especially useful for career changers who want to gain experience in a different field. You will gain valuable work experience, develop a portfolio, and create a network of professional contacts that will assist you after you graduate. An internship provide a practical experience to students before entering the actual workspace of the respective field. And in return students bring to the table different ideas and assist in the working while learning simultaneously. And they also help you earn some extra pocket money while getting to know the real-time application of the bookish knowledge. This year has used the term “online” “virtual” more than any other. In fact, due to the extending imposition of lockdown, most of the work which usually used to take place in offices or studios took the virtual form. Hence, the internships which earlier were working on both online and offline fronts went virtual giving the students hands-on experience from the comfort of their homes. So the question arises what happens when you are a virtual intern and how is it beneficial.

1. Work anywhere

The biggest advantage of an online internship is you can work from any place with just a minimal requirement of internet connection and laptop/desktop/mobile as required. You can work from home or while traveling or even from the mountains as long as you can communicate effectively. These cuts down all the location-based problems as you don’t need to be physically present in the office. A lot of time required for traveling to and fro is saved, which in turn can be used for more productive work. On the other hand, allow them to balance school/college work and internship responsibilities from any location and at any time. Additionally, with new high-tech video meeting options available, there are fewer obstacles in communication.

2. Flexible timings

Many of the online internships offer flexibility in working hours as the internship is project-based or requires less moderation. Hence, you can complete the work anytime you want, before the given deadline, making it easier to balance studies and work. Sometimes a certain amount of time is expected to be dedicated to the work e.g. 18 hours weekly. Here, it’s up to you how much time you want to give in a day. This helps a lot when you are busy on some days and relatively freer on some. You may be able to work the hours you want rather than those of a typical workday because you're working remotely and not reporting to an office.

3. Simultaneous projects

During college days, one cannot manage to focus on a lot of things at hand, but it is definitely possible during summer or winter break. One can take up more than one internship as online internships don’t require physical presence. Hence, depending on the job description, one can gain experience in different aspects of the same field. This enhances your multitasking and time management skills and provides first-hand insight from various sources in the selected field.

4. More exposure

Everyone has that one ideal internship in mind but due to some barriers they are unable to take it up physically; here online internships come to the rescue. So be it an overseas firm or a multinational company there’s nothing to stop you from applying to all these places. International internships give you an insight into a different workspace, ethics, and ideologies. Association with an established firm as well as with a student-run organization, both contribute in gaining knowledge and exposure from different points of view.

5. Connections

One of the most important aspects of interning is building connections. Networking with people from your field can go a long way in the future. You understand the know-how and real-life application and value of the work. Meeting new people, sharing ideas and information stimulates your mind to think out of the box. Seniors or mentors can guide you as you tread the upcoming tasks even out of the internship. And you also get to meet like-minded people, project buddies, and even make new friends along the way. Interaction with the learned persons can open more opportunities as anything is possible in these times. These are some advantages of online internships along with the practical experience you get.

Internships and Skill Development

If you are a law student then one such place for you is ‘Unique Law’. If you want to explore the digital side along with staying in touch with legal matters than this is the perfect place for you. We offer two-month internships to students and at the end of the internship you will be getting a Certificate of Internship from Unique Law and Ansh LexPraxis Legal Education LLP and if you perform beyond our expectations you will also receive a Certificate of Merit, Letter of Recommendation, and gift hampers. The site displays our monthly interns. Unique Law offers four types of internships namely Legal Researcher, Content Writer, Digital Marketer, and Campus Ambassador. So, what does each one offer, and what will you receive from it?

  • Legal Researcher

Research is the first step and base of everything that takes place around us. If you want to know the behind-the-scenes of any legal piece of writing, legal research is the right category for you. Legal research includes reading bare acts, research papers and publications, case commentaries, judgments and lots of case laws. One cultivates extensive reading habits and gets to know what exactly to read rather than just reading anything and everything.

  • Content Writers

Content rules the digital space and good content drives people to take a look at your work. By interning as a content writer, one gets to write about different topics every week. Be it the latest scenario or a burning question, content writing pushes you to try out different writing styles and provide a fresh perspective from your point of view. And if you make a mistake, no need to worry about that as the editors are always willing to help you out with it which allows you to experiment in a safe space under the guidance of experts. And your work gets published on the site too so that others can view your work and give their opinions on it.

  • Digital Marketers

The service is useless if it does not reach the audience. The digital world runs on marketing through email, social media, and advertisements. Internship as digital marketing opens different avenues for you to think outside the box while keeping in mind the target audience, customer tendencies, and the latest digital trends. One learns to strategize and churning out fresh ideas through this internship.

  • Campus Ambassadors

When you work as a campus ambassador with Unique Law, you become the link between Unique Law and your college. One has to put the word out about the latest projects and programs the website has to offer to your classmates and help them connect with us. This internship puts into use your public relations skills, interactive skills and makes you reach out to people and network with them.

To wrap it all up, online internships offer a plethora of opportunities to sharpen your skills and learn from your mistakes as the aim of internships is to help the novice while getting the work done. Students can improve their global employability while earning academic credit by participating in a virtual internship. There are lots of options to choose from, but the important step is to just believe in yourself and start!

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