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Influence of Women in Women Empowerment

“There are no men without women”, this phrase is as strong as it reads.

It means there will be no existence of men without the presence of women. From ancient times, women have been considered holy and religious. Even our earth is worshiped and depicted as a woman. As time passed by this status started getting corroded by evil means and ill intentions of the men that weren’t able to bear the importance women were being given. Women’s status got reduced day by day and they started facing hindrances.

Women then started recognizing what happening was wrong in so many ways. They started to show rebellion in whatever little way they seemed fit. This was either in form of disobeying what was expected of them to be done or either directly questioning the things that were being happened with them. Men started to notice the changes in women’s way of thinking and they were aware that the women have started a rebellion against the behaviour which was carried out towards them and soon this rebellion will take a big form. Things started to change.