Influence of Women in Women Empowerment

“There are no men without women”, this phrase is as strong as it reads.

It means there will be no existence of men without the presence of women. From ancient times, women have been considered holy and religious. Even our earth is worshiped and depicted as a woman. As time passed by this status started getting corroded by evil means and ill intentions of the men that weren’t able to bear the importance women were being given. Women’s status got reduced day by day and they started facing hindrances.

Women then started recognizing what happening was wrong in so many ways. They started to show rebellion in whatever little way they seemed fit. This was either in form of disobeying what was expected of them to be done or either directly questioning the things that were being happened with them. Men started to notice the changes in women’s way of thinking and they were aware that the women have started a rebellion against the behaviour which was carried out towards them and soon this rebellion will take a big form. Things started to change.


Slowly women’s dignity started being questioned. This started when foreign invasions started happening in the country. Women started to face exploitation, they were married at an early age, they were treated as servants, and they had to cover themselves, they had to give up their life when their husband dies, they were only seen as a liability, all these led up to the women questioning their rights and their freedom. Whatever invasions happened in India women were centrally affected by that.

In modern times, where now every woman is aware of her rights and her status in society, certain women are claiming what belongs to them and coming out to be great leaders in so many areas. In urban areas, the women are more confident and capable of being leaders as they face oppression from men in almost every occupation. So in these urban areas, certain women agencies come forward for the betterment of the women as women tend to relate to other women in almost any problem they have gone through as compared to the opposite gender.

In urban areas like the suburbs where almost all the workplaces have women working in them, it’s very important to have agencies that help women gain their rights when they face difficulties. It is important for women to become leaders for the upliftment of other women. In areas where everything is modern, some difficulties are still faced by women so to help those women agencies come in handy.

Women agencies provide tools and the required resources for the development and upliftment of their leadership qualities. They provide economic and employment opportunities to the women who show leadership qualities. These help women to gain almost equal confidence and the courage needed to fight for what’s theirs.

Women tend to understand what others have been going through. Since birth women are expected to be compassionate, vulnerable and kind to others but when they spell out the wrong happening with them they become traitors.

Laws relating to women

From the time when women came to realise what they have been facing is inappropriate and immoral in many ways they led a fight for their rights and duties which led to the formation of many laws and acts for the protection of women and their status. The one problem that women faced was marriage before the age of maturity in village areas which became like a punishment for the young girls. This practice came to a halt after the enactment of The Prohibition of Child Marriage Act, which came in the year 2007.

So many women lost their life due to the demands of their in in-laws related to dowry and often the family of the bride got the information about the mistreatment of their daughter too late to save her. In order to prevent such happenings, The Dowry Prohibition Act was passed in the year 1961.

Even after all the obstacles women shattered the boundaries and started working for their rights and for being independent. They started facing discrimination at their workplace, and they faced all sort of sexual harassments in one way or the other. Inappropriate touch, staring, stalking all were constantly being experienced by the working women then came an act which was very handy for the women. The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013 was one such act which ensured a safe work environment for the independent women who wanted to establish themselves.

Women who stayed at home also faced many difficulties as they were only thought capable of doing household work and they were always looked down upon by the members of their family too. So within the vicinity of their premises, women started to work to show their capabilities and proof everyone false. From ancient times when women faced challenges, they came out to be fierce warriors and faced every challenge with a head-on.


Either it is at home or space, women have shown what they are capable of doing and what they can do if given the right opportunity. There will always be the difference between a man and a woman as are their appearances and physical attributes but that doesn’t mean there should be differences where the only capability of an individual is a judge of the position. Often women are not encouraged by their vicinity to fulfill their dreams and they are often being burdened by the dream of what someone else wants from them. They are a separate individual so they should be treated as an individual who has their dreams and individuality. This dream can either be of becoming a perfect house, owning a business of their own, becoming someone to travel to space or be an astronaut and to being a small shop owner. No dream is small and every dream counts and every woman has the right to fulfill their dream.

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