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Safeguarding Vaccination Policy from Populism for bright future of the Nation

Production of vaccines in large capacity for Covid’19 is indispensable. However, it is a question of integrity if it is at the cost of compromising on quality standards. Every citizen in this country has the right to live and the right to receive quality medicines at affordable prices. But the quality of drugs produced in the country is deplorable, although India is acclaimed as ‘The Pharmacy of the World’.

India undoubtedly has the pharmaceutical infrastructure which no other country has. Even a country like China was envious of the Indian pharma ecosystem. With the help of this infrastructure, India manufactured generic drugs and even exported them to EU and American markets. However, the shocking confession by Ranbaxy before the American court in 2013 concerning the quality and manufacturing of generic drugs left the whole country perplexed. Despite this incident, there was no cons