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Technology- a cause of our loneliness?


Technology has made the world more "connected" than at any other time. The web joined with all the clever devices we use to connect to it, has given us more prominent access to data, expanded open doors for collaborations through online media, and empowered us to cover our tabs, do our shopping, and play games with individuals on the opposite side of the world – all from the solace of our own homes. What an opportunity to be alive, some may state. Others, in any case, contend that a long way from uniting us, the technological revolution is in certainty leaving us more secluded and desolate. So – with the advancement of technology are our lives getting enriched or does it make us more alone?

Technology is not just associated with social media handles like Instagram or Facebook. In theoretical terms, its usage is associated with machinery and equipment developed from the application of scientific knowledge. Hence giving a broader meaning to the term. An example could be the change that the human population went through when mirrors become