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We are often asked if we are a feminist? Some readily answer yes while others deny any involvement in the “man-hating” movement. So, what is feminism? Although the definition of feminism may differ from place to place, it can be inferred that feminism is a social, economical and political belief in the equality of genders.

Did you know that the feminist movement was born during the French Revolution? The feminism movement began as a resistance movement against the patriarchal society, which confided women to designated tasks like giving birth, cooking, and the right to own property. Today, feminism has expanded and has become more innovative and flexible, it is moving in the direction to help women regardless of their caste, race, ethnicity, color, economic status, and so forth.

Since the word feminism is connected to femininity and female, it is assumed that it is about the glorification of women. The movement did not start to take a plunge at men when the opportunity emerged. Feminists are comprehended as a group of females who refuse to cooperate with male society out of anger and hatred. The whole purpose of feminism was to educate the society about the problematic repercussion of gender privileges. The journey to female liberation has been long, let us have an overview of the feminist movement in the past.